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There’s a new buzz in the town, and it’s called Bumper Balls!

Bump, roll and flip over for Unbelievable Fun!!!


You may already be aware of several videos doing their rounds on Facebook and YouTube in which teams play soccer while wearing Bumper Balls allowing them to bump, roll and flip while trying to score. Many YouTube videos currently have thousands of views, shares and comments – most of which are people asking where they can take part in this activity. We are Canada’s original Bumper Ball provider. We serve Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and the surrounding area and cater to all kind of fun events. You can score goals in a Bubble Soccer game or knock out your opponent in a Bumper Ball Sumo game or just engage in a Bumper Ball battle. You can organize games at sporting events and contests either at school, scout camps, church groups, or in a corporate setting such as team building. Bumper Balls are also great for fundraising. We recommend using the Bumper Balls outside on a well-groomed flat grassy area or for indoors on carpet or wood floors such as basketball courts or sports halls. If you are eager to give Bumper Balls a try, make a booking today! Strap yourself into a Bumper Ball for a game of Bubble Soccer or just to crash about with your friends for an unforgettable time.

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“We have used the bumper balls on several occasions for kids ages 6 to 12 during school events and hockey parties. It usually doesn’t take long for the parents to jump in! The balls are wicked fun and a great work out.”

Wayne Filipenko

Teacher, Dr. Probe School