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Fun with Bumper Balls

Bumper Balls / Bubble Soccer

We have 3 different sizes of Bumper Balls – 4 foot (good for kids about 5 to 10 years old), 5 foot (good for 10 years old and up) and 6 foot (good for teens and adults).  Bumper Balls can be used by very small children as well but an adult must help them lift the ball and roll them around. By simply adjusting the shoulder straps inside of the ball everyone can have a turn — young and old. We have the straps cross in front of the chest which will make it still easy to get in and out of the ball but at the same time keeps you from slipping out of the ball when upside down. Not all Bumper Balls are the same. Our experience of over 4 years and 100s of jobs setting up for schools, festivals, private and corporate events, churches, fundraisers, and birthday parties has given us the expertise to make and design the best and safest Bumper Ball on the market. We have had many other rental companies phone and inquire about  are Bumper Ball and the finer points on how to use them. Our Bumper Balls are made from TPU which is stronger and more durable than PVC. Thick padded harness straps are placed correctly so your head is well down from the top of the ball. Thus making it safe to roll right upside down without hitting your head.

Planning a Event with Bumper Balls: When planning an event with Bumper Balls, there are a few things you want to take into account. Where you are going to set up? If outside, you need a well-groomed grass area free of debris, twigs, and rocks that might puncture the ball. You’ll want to avoid rolling into trees and bushes and fences so it will need to be big enough area. For 6 balls, you will need at least 50′ X 50′ —  football/soccer fields or parks work best. It needs to be relatively flat.  You do not want to roll down hills. If you are inside in a gym or hall, you want to avoid fellow bumper ball participants into the walls, posts or stairs.

Safety Rules: (1) The Bumper Balls MUST be supervised by someone 18 year or older at all times. (2) Do not take any more then 3 steps before hitting another Bumper Ball. (3) You cannot hit anybody in a Bumper Ball unless you yourself are in a Bumper Ball. (4) The person manning the Bumper Ball needs to ensure the participant getting into the Bumper Ball does so correctly and ensures the straps are on right. (5) No person is allowed in the area designated for the Bumper Ball use except those in the balls and the person or persons designated as the attendants manning the balls. (6) Take everything out of pockets. (7) Recommended to take off glasses and necklaces.

How to get into a Bumper Ball: Roll the Bumper Ball so the handles are on the bottom and the shoulder straps are hanging down. You want the foam pads on the straps on top so when you get into the ball they’ll be on your shoulders. The straps will be crossed. Slide into the ball by putting one arm up on one side and the other arm up the other side and your head goes through the middle of the straps. The straps will cross in front on your chest. It is just like putting on a backpack but the straps are crossed in front. (See VIDEO below)

Bubble  Soccer: This is where teams of people get together to play soccer wearing Bumper Balls, allowing them to bump, roll and flip over while trying to score a goal.

Bumper Ball Sumo: You gain points by knocking your opponent over or knocking them of the designated area.

Bumper Ball Battle: Run around bumping into others and try to avoid getting hit.